Measure / Quote of Splashglass  :

Splashbacks can be measured once the Range hood, bench top and cupboards are installed

The splashback installer can supply a quote before the kitchen is complete if all measurements and cut outs are allocated on a kitchen plan / drawing

The installer will also check the quote with the cut measurements once the kitchen is ready to measure

Confirm Colour:

You will need to confirm and choose the colour once the measure and quote has been confirmed


We install  glass splashbacks and service all suburbs of melbourne, Melbourne 3000


Splashback manufacturing is made in Melbourne from 6mm Low iron float glass with extensive further glass processing required in these steps:

  • Edgework:  Machined polished edges, this creates a small polished bevel finish to the edge of the glass


  • CNC Glass Cutting: Cut out’s for power points, holes, rangehoods, are done by a  CNC  machine which can cut any shape required to make a spalshback fit into the modern kitchen design


  • Toughening (Heat treated ) Glass: Also known as toughened safety glass, This is achieved by the glass going through a huge furnace to which the glass is heated to  720 °C then cooled to achieve heat resistance glass.


  • Painting Glass: Back of the glass is painted to the required colour which can be any colour


  • Installation Of Glass: The glass splashback is then successfully installed once all of the above processes have been achieved.


Craigieburn shaped kitchen glass SplashbackAbove is a photo  of a Splashback installation in Melbourne 3000,  The  kitchen splashback is a custom shaped piece of glass.

 The glass panel required  a tight fit around the customers kitchen rangehood,

This was achieved By using our cnc / waterjet machine to cut the dimensions into the flat glass panel.